10 Outstanding Agbada Styles To Try out This Season

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Agbada is a four-piece male attire found among the Yoruba of southwestern Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, West Africa. It consists of a large, free-flowing outer robe (awosoke), an undervest (awotele), a pair of long trousers (sokoto), and a hat (fìla).

This robe or gown is a distinctive example of the traditional hand-woven and -embroidered, loose-fitting, wide-sleeved, over-the-head garment worn by elites in Nigeria. These robes are always worn over other clothing and generally fall to the lower leg.

There are two major types of agbada among the Yoruba, namely the casual (agbada iwole) and ceremonial (agbada amurode). Commonly called Sulia or Sapara, the casual agbada is smaller, less voluminous, and often made of light, plain cotton.

Let’s take a look at some amazing Agbada styles inspiration;

It is also known by various names, depending on the ethnic group wearing them: agbada (Yoruba, Dagomba), babban riga (Hausa), k’sa (Tuareg) grand boubou (in various Francophone West African countries) and the English term of gown.

Completely dismiss the idea of wearing those Nike or Gucci sneakers on an agbada because not only does it cheapen the clothing piece look, it screams that you have a low style taste. Rather, opt for a loafer or fancy sandals

A good professional tailor will guide you on how many yards is required. They can also be very helpful in guiding you on how to cut Agbada material properly so that it leads to a great fit – not too much and not too little. Typically, you will need about 4 – 7 yards to sew a good quality Agbada attire.

For a better effect, the gold neck should be worn inside and only visible from the sides of the neck and back. Do not wear a heavy wrist watch: Agbada is a bulky attire on its own, so there will be no need to add another heavy wristwatch as its size may distract people from the outfit.

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