10 Essential Ingredients Of a Classy Person

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Let’s be blunt about it…some people simply ooze class. We’ve all met them. Their style, manners, and how they carry themselves…all speak louder than words.

But what makes a person classy?

With wide room for interpretation, you might be wondering what it is that classy people have about them that others don’t. And how do you become more classy yourself?

Read on for our top ten essential ingredients of a classy person that you might’ve never thought of.

1) Classy people are empathetic

Classy people usually have a life full of different experiences. If you talk to a classy person, you’ll most probably find out that they volunteered in Africa and spent a year in a Tibetan monastery or something like that.

Because they experience so many different things, they learn from exposure to a wider variety of subjects and situations.

Classy people tend to be more relaxed in situations that others might find tense because they are accustomed to change. They’ve been to many different scenarios and have built some sort of resistance to stress. 

It also helps them to empathize with other people, as they have spent time with people from all walks of life.

Personal attacks are not something they resort to; they are calm and collected. They know how to approach different people and help them soothe their worries. 

So, when you’re around a classy person, you suddenly feel like they are a ‘safe space’ for you to be in and open up about your worries. 

2) Classy people are considerate

Classy people think of others; they know their strengths and weaknesses and will always try to undertake a task even if it seems too big. This is because they know what they’re capable of and when it’s time to seek help. 

Because as I said above, they are kind and empathetic; they care deeply and will always try to try to resolve their own problem on their own before resorting to someone else’s assistance.

Classy people are considerate of other people’s situations, so they won’t put an unnecessary burden on anyone until they try to deal with it on their own.

3) A classy woman knows her value

A classy woman is the one everyone turns their heads to once she enters the room. It’s something you can’t grasp but feel…she knows her own worth.

A person lacking self-esteem might feel insignificant, and these thoughts reflect their behavior.

On the contrary, a classy woman knows her value, and people around her can see it.

But this doesn’t make them arrogant or snobbish. Instead, classy women are some of the most caring and thoughtful of all.

4) Classy people take responsibility

Classy people won’t blame others for their mistakes. They step up and take responsibility for whatever they might’ve done wrong.

It might be hard to do, especially if your career or reputation is at stake. But classy people have strong reasons behind doing so:

  • They have strong and high self-esteem, and they know that one mistake doesn’t determine who they are;
  • They constantly and consistently push themselves to do difficult things, so not succeeding in all of them is a part of the game;
  • They are truly appreciative and grateful for the opportunities they have, so they’d much rather admit they were wrong than lose a chance to succeed in the future.

Being responsible and accepting your flaws allows you to be less critical of others’ mistakes. 

Knowing that we are just humans and taking time to appreciate it gives you poise and class.

5) Classy people have high self-belief

The self-esteem that classy people carry stems from an internal system of self-belief. They know in their bones that they were born to do great things.

Classy people are driven by a higher reason and have a lot of confidence, which is sometimes misread as arrogance. 

To be high-class, you have to think high-class; it starts from the inside out. 

Just as they know their value, they know what they are worthy of.

So if a situation feels overwhelming, or a goal seems out of reach, think what a classy person would do and cultivate a strong belief you’re given all the powers to achieve great things in life.

Remember that you are worthy of love and happiness and that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. That’ll help you appear more stable and classy in other people’s eyes.

6) Classy people don’t play games

Some people are resorting to manipulative behavior, and it doesn’t look classy at all. On the contrary, it shows a lot of disrespect to others. A sign of class in a person is to be open and straightforward whenever necessary.

Classy people don’t:

  • Play games to get what they want;
  • Intentionally gaslight others;
  • Try to control other people;
  • Waste their time manipulating someone to reach their goals;
  • Emotionally blackmail or guilt-trip.

Instead they:

  • Keep things clear and tell the truth when needed;
  • Get straight to the point without manipulations;
  • Communicate what they want and encourage others to do the same;
  • Apologize first if they’ve done something to offend another person.

Classy people value their and other people’s time. So they won’t waste it on playing games.

7) A classy person is punctual

If you want to demonstrate ‘class,’ you need to be dependable and organized. Punctuality is a sign of a truly classy person. 

It may not be an easy task for some people, but with a decent schedule, you’ll slowly set your new habit of always being on time.

Here are a few tips to help you be more punctual:

  • Plan things you have to do beforehand and dedicate a specific time slot for them;
  • Always try to leave early with time to spare; you never know what may happen;
  • Make sure you let other people know in case you’re running late. It’s a respectful thing to do.

New habits are hard to form; they don’t happen overnight. But your confidence will grow as you make these small changes, and other people will notice it too! 

8) Classy people can handle criticism

A classy person knows how to distinguish constructive criticism from destructive feedback. A classy person won’t get defensive if someone notices how they can improve and presents it in a polite way. 

Classy people carefully consider the critique and accept it if it can improve their performance.

They don’t, however, let others dictate and manipulate them! 

Knowing their worth and being considerate of others, they can decide if the criticism is helpful or hurtful.  

A classy person may still disagree with what other people have to say, but they’ll gracefully acknowledge the advice and move on with their lives.

9) Classy people value education

Many classy people come from respected or wealthy backgrounds and are well-educated. But you don’t have to be well off or study somewhere highly reputable to be educated to a high level.

Classy people strive to learn, and they like to know the facts to back up their conversations.

So whatever type of training you pursue, stay focused and make the most out of it. Be hungry for new knowledge and take any opportunity to expand your skills.

It won’t be long until you find yourself totally immersed in the world of learning new things. Because knowledge means power, and classy people know about it very well.

10) Classy people are enigmatic

Classy people often have an air of mystery about them, and they’re very graceful. They don’t overshare or let others know their secrets straight away. 

Typically they will disclose personal things to a close few, a niche circle of confidants. 

Consider the classiest of celebrities. They might get featured in the news occasionally but aren’t the center of everyone’s attention. Most of them are silent achievers who live a quieter, more secretive life. Because of that, paparazzi chase them and not the other way around.

A classy person sets healthy boundaries and knows when it’s time to share another bit about their life. And it’s no wonder everyone always wants to know more about them!

How to be a classy person

Brighten someone’s day

Do your best to find something small you can do for other people each day. Acts of kindness is a positive way to become more classy in others’ eyes.

Grand gestures are one thing, but it’s the little things that make a difference. No act of kindness is too small.

But remember to be considerate, don’t downplay someone’s negative emotions. Toxic positivity is never classy!

Keep your emotions in check

‘Class’ consists of good composure; you can’t retain your classy perception without being able to handle a situation with finesse.

Elegance comes with etiquette, and it is bad etiquette to let your emotions get out of control. 

Stay level-headed and keep track of your emotional well-being. This way, you’ll avoid bursting into tears over a little thing because you’ve accumulated too many unprocessed emotions.

Remember, high-value classy people aren’t throwing a tantrum or making a scene.

Be authentic

Although we just spoke of self-control, that doesn’t mean holding things in. Classiness isn’t stoicism but rather an authenticity.

Life makes us face a lot of uncertainty, and we all experience loss and emotional suffering. 

Keeping composure without making a scene doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to feel sad or even grieve.

Having a handle on your emotions doesn’t mean you are emotionless!

Pain can be acknowledged, and feelings can be shared. Staying authentic means you can experience your feelings gracefully.

Demanding attention is never graceful

Elegant and sophisticated people are not looking to be the center of attention. They don’t try to be the loudest person in the room but, on the contrary, attract others by being a bit mysterious and quiet.

They typically keep their volume level low, confident that people will stop to engage and listen to them. They know they will have attention without raising their voice or being dramatic, no matter how many people are present.

Somewhere down the line, we have confused being bubbly or charismatic with being loud! The life and soul of the party may sound like an appealing role, but it isn’t always classy!

Bottom line

Classy people stand out when they are out and about. They have a certain aura around them that draws the attention of others.

However, it’s not all that mysterious and can be broken down into certain things classy people do or don’t. I hope that now it’s clearer for you and you have clear guidelines if you want to become more classy yourself!

I have no doubt that you, too, can ooze the same elegance, present the same grace, and display the same charisma as the classy people you’re fond of.

Remember to study, listen, keep calm, improve your behavior, and stay classy!

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