10 Small Habits That Make You Irresistibly Attractive

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We don’t say it out loud, but deep down, we all want to be attractive.

No, not with a fit figure or the beautiful face, but with characteristics that people are drawn to. Being the type of person who everyone wants to be around and perform favors for. What if you could make people like you simply by being yourself — or, better yet, by practicing excellent habits?

Some of these habits may not appear obvious to the average Joe or Jane, but if you begin to develop them now, you will be able to make friends quickly or keep your relationship strong.

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Here are ten habits that make you irresistibly attractive:

1. Surprise someone and don’t inform them.

My heart soared when I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at work one day — not from my boyfriend or a hidden admirer, but as a surprise.

I quickly realized that it was my close buddy who had sent me the unexpected gift, knowing how depressed I was after realizing my ex no longer cared about me. It wasn’t just the present that brightened my entire week, but also his sentiments says Angele Joene in one of her interviews.

2. Say ‘no’ when you (genuinely) don’t want to.

People admire individuals who express their opinions more than those who always agree with their request or invitation. Because saying “no” to others demonstrates how genuine you are, that you have priorities, and that you are open about your emotions.

Sure, saying no may make your stomach flip, but if you can get past it, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself. If the people around you truly care, they will understand why you sometimes say no.

Because if you don’t treat yourself like number one, others will regard you as number two.

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3. Do something nice for a stranger.

Doing nice deeds is something that many people try to incorporate into their daily lives, and it may make you quite attractive to others. It demonstrates that you are caring and understanding.

Hold the door if their hands are full. Warn them before they sit on a damp seat. Pick up their fallen money. Most individuals will not perform these things, but those who do will be respected.

4. Put your ego aside and learn from people who are better than you.

You can grumble all you want about how bad life is, but you’ll always wonder why you’re not as brilliant, affluent, charming, successful, influential, or attractive as your superior. However, at the end of the day, you are not helping yourself improve. You’re not attempting to improve.

Take the time to learn what makes people shine. Is it their honesty, the way they carry themselves, or another attribute that truly distinguishes them? Practice over and over. Ask if you need to. Because if you want to be the greatest, you must be prepared to learn from the best.

5. Be intrigued about everything.

Talking with others is enjoyable, but when the conversation ends because no one has anything else to say, you begin to lose interest in that person. Don’t be that person who looks away, searching their brain for a nice topic.

If you want to get out of that scenario, you must first pique people’s interest in you, which can only be done if you are interested yourself. Learn how everything works. Ask yourself why people act the way they do. Read up on current events around the world.

Because when you have a dozen extra things to say, folks assume you’re a knowledgeable and interesting companion.

6. Remain calm when someone is angry with you.

It is not a pleasant sight to see someone screaming violently or acting destructively. And sometimes we can’t help but lash out, allowing our emotions to take over.
Do not do that. Before you snap, take a moment to consider the issue and why you’re so furious. Perhaps there was some miscommunication between you two, and it would be best to remain cool and speak things out.

This is arguably the finest way to better understand others and feel more connected to them, which will increase your attractiveness to others.

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7. Start a discussion with someone new.

Most of us are terrified when we are away from our comfort zones, making it simpler for others to see who is confident and who is not. For me, I’d always look for those who introduce themselves to others since I know they’re the ones who are entirely at ease in their own skin.

Get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you’ve never met. Take a chance and start a discussion that isn’t just small talk. You’ll immediately amaze them and leave with more confidence.

8. Write a list about what you want to learn.

It drives me mad every time someone tells me they are bored and don’t know what to do. Alternatively, they may spend their entire day sleeping or watching television.

Yes, people would advise me to “live in the moment” and enjoy myself, but that’s a very short-term perspective. What makes you more appealing in the long run is becoming smarter and learning new things every day.

Make a list of everything you don’t know or have limited information about. Update that list whenever you come across a topic that puzzles you, and explore it when you have the time.

9. Say ‘thank you.’

It’s simple, overused at times, but still can make a world’s difference to someone’s day. All it takes is a couple of seconds to think about and appreciate what you are given, even if it’s something small like a hug.

Remember: Thank others when you really mean it, but not to the point where you go overboard (otherwise it starts to lose its meaning).

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10. Make time for yourself.

Time is one thing that cannot be recovered in life. That’s why individuals who are continuously busy doing things they enjoy or can improve on are more successful than those who regard their time as if it were a disposable cash – it can be squandered in an instant, but it’s something people utilize to create a life worth living.

Set aside time for yourself to guarantee that you are achieving your goals in life. It could be a hobby or simply some free time to unwind. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity for you to rejuvenate.


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