Dangote, Others Brace Up as New Dollar Billionaires Emerge in Africa in 2023

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There are new and emerging dollar billionaires in Africa with interests in various sectors

These billionaires have shored up Africa’s image on the global stage

The list includes billionaires’ internet and transportation, including two brothers

Africa is currently experiencing an upsurge in wealthy individuals, despite not having the highest number dollar billionaires globally. Forbes reports that the continent is home to about 46 billionaires and that in the next decade, private wealth is expected to rise by 30%, with millionaires and billionaires leading the growth.

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BusinessInsider says the continent has many up-and-coming billionaires with high net worth.

These individuals have succeeded remarkably in various industries, including technology and real estate.

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Koos Bekker: $2.6bn The Media entrepreneur began his journey as a billionaire via his company, Naspers, with stakes in internet companies around the globe, including Tencent and WeChat, the Chinese tech behemoth.

Mohamed Mansour: $2.9bn The Egyptian started working for his family company, Mansour Group, with interests in various sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, and retail

Mohammed Dewji: $1.5bn The Tanzanian is the CEO of METL Group, a conglomerate based in Tanzania with interests in agriculture, manufacturing, and real estate. Dewij is active in agriculture, manufacturing, and real estate. He is also a philanthropist with his Mo Dewij Foundation to support education, health, and community development initiatives in Tanzania.

Yasseen Mansour: $1.1bn The Egyptian billionaire businessman and his brothers own the Mansour Group with interests in automotive, transportation, and real estate.

Michiel Le Roux: $1.2bn The South African ex-banker is worth about $1.2 billion. Le Roux co-owns Capitec Bank, disrupting the banking industry with interests in the underserved and unbanked market.

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As Africa’s economy continues to grow, more African dollar billionaires will emerge to contribute to the continent’s growth.

However, Nigerian industrialist Aliko Dangote has remained Africa’s richest man for 12 years. Dangote, with an interest in cement manufacturing, has a soon-to-be commissioned refinery with the capacity to produce 65,000 barrels of petrol.

According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, he is worth $19.7 billion and occupies 83rd on the list.

Nigeria ranks third in the list of top 10 countries with the most prominent dollar millionaires in Africa for 2022, Africa wealth report for 2022 published by Henley & Partners and New World Wealth has revealed that over 136,000 approximate millionaires (HNWIs) live in Africa with a net worth of US$1 million or more.

The 75-page report also revealed 6,700 approximate multi-millionaires living in Africa, each with net assets of US$10 million or more.

It was also stated that In Africa, there are 305 centi-millionaires, each having a net worth of US$100 million or more, and 21 persons with a net worth of more than $1 billion.


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