Amazing Strategies To be and Remain Utterly Unstoppable

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1. Put your goals in writing so you can see where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

2. Allow your inner values, not outside events, to direct your life.

3. Never accept criticism from someone who isn’t performing as well as you are. How on earth do they know?

4. Internet trolling is a loser; avoid them at all costs. Spending time or effort on someone who has already made up their mind is never worthwhile.

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5. The only person you have to prove anything to is yourself.

6. Be a lifelong learner and resist the urge to let your ego dictate how you respond to lessons you need to absorb.

7. Always work on your competence before attempting to project confidence.

8. Avoid engaging in poisonous relationships with anyone.

9. Feelings are excellent helpers, but they make awful masters.

10. Let reasoning, science, math, and logic lead you in life.

11. Make sure you balance your life so that no one aspect can negatively impact the rest of it, including your profession, relationships, finances, health, tranquility, and happiness.

12. Let your winners run, but cut your losses quickly.
Financial advice from impoverished individuals is not required to be heeded.

13. People who are not in happy relationships do not have to give you relationship advise.

14. You don’t have to take sick people’s dietary suggestions to heart.

15. People should keep their opinions to themselves because it is none of your concern.

16. If you believe in yourself, there is nothing for you to prove to anybody.

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17. Ensure you have various sources of income so that no one may take advantage of you.

18. Make yourself more valuable to your employer than they do.

19. Never forget that you have the same power to terminate your employer as he does.

20. Always assign the right value to your time.

21. Get enough clients for your business to be able to fire unhappy ones.

22. To ensure that no single investment position can harm you, diversify your portfolio.

23. Retain your debt-free status to preserve your autonomy.

24. If you can live with the consequences, you have choices all the time.

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25. Spending your life for other people is a waste of time.

26. Remain in the company of those who support and care about you.

27. Don’t allow certain people to try to control and manipulate you for their own gain.

28. People who have no stake in the outcome of your life are not worth listening to.

29. People who have no stake in the outcome of your life are not worth listening to. You get to make the decisions because you have to live with them.

30. Life is too short for bullshit.

Sometimes all it takes is to tell the people who doubt you, “F*ck You,” and go about your life the way you see fit.

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