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Many people get active to improve overall health, build muscle, and of course, get a killer bod, but working out has above-the-neck benefits, too. For the past decade or so, scientists have pondered exercise and nutrition can boost overall health. Regardless of age or fitness level, studies show that making time for exercise and adjusting your diet provides some serious mental benefits. In this post, we’ll talk about tips on how to take care of our bodies; both our physical and mental well-being. Remember, it’s important to turn healthy behaviors into habits – practice these tips regularly to make them part of your lifestyle.

1. Measure and Watch Your Weight

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Keeping track of your body weight on a daily or weekly basis will help you see what you’re losing and/or what
you’re gaining.

2. Limit Unhealthy Foods and Eat Healthy Meals

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Do not forget to eat breakfast and choose a nutritious meal with more protein and fiber and less fat, sugar, and

3. Take Multivitamin Supplements

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To make sure you have sufficient levels of nutrients, taking a daily multivitamin supplement is a good idea,
especially when you do not have a variety of vegetables and fruits at home. Many micronutrients are vital to your
immune system, including vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E, as well as zinc, iron, copper, selenium, and magnesium.
However, there’s currently NO available evidence that adding any supplements or “miracle mineral supplements”
to your diet will help protect you from the virus or increase recovery. In some cases, high doses of vitamins can be
bad for your health.

4. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated, and Limit Sugared Beverages

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Drink water regularly to stay healthy, but there is NO evidence that drinking water frequently (e.g. every 15
minutes) can help prevent any viral infection.

5. Exercise Regularly and Be Physically Active

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At this time, at-home workouts may be a good idea. But you can also walk your dog or run outside. Be sure you
know what’s going on in your area and if there are any restrictions or mandatory self-quarantines.

6. Reduce Sitting and Screen Time

Exercise can’t immunize you from your sedentary time. Even people who exercise regularly could be at increased
risk for diabetes and heart disease and stroke if they spend lots of time sitting behind computers. Practically
speaking, you could consider taking breaks from sedentary time, such as walking around the office/room a couple
of times in a day.

7. Get Enough Good Sleep

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There is a very strong connection between sleep quality and quantity and your immune system. You can keep your
immune system functioning properly by getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

8. Go Easy on Alcohol and Stay Sober

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Drinking alcohol does not have any positive impact to your health. Don’t forget that those alcohol calories can
add up quickly. Alcohol should always be consumed in moderation.

9. Find Ways to Manage Your Emotions

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It is common for people to have feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty during a stressful and unpleasant momments. To minimize
stress-related weight gain try to maintain a right positive mental attitude irrespective of the situation you might find yourself in stay happy and communicate with friends and family to keep your mood elevated and stable.

10. Practice Gratitude

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These 3 steps can help you start feeling more grateful, and appreciative of the good things in your life: Notice good things, look for them, appreciate them. Savor, absorb, and really pay attention to those good things. Express your gratitude to yourself, write it down, or thank someone.

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